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Scared Senseless is the 13th episode of GoGang Junior created by TGB1.


One night, the kids are getting ready for bed when IA asks TGB1 if he can take out the latter's night-light. TGB1 refuses to let him so IA asks why. TGB1 then reveals he has a fear of the dark. Igor decides to help him overcome his fear by having him spend the night without the night-light. At first it goes well, but at 1:27, TGB1 hears something in the closet and demands his night-light back.

The next night, TGB1 has two night-lights. Sophie decides that maybe it would help if TGB1 only spent part of the night with the lights on. Once again, it goes well, until 2:14.

When TGB1 gets out of bed for a drink of water, he runs into a wall and breaks his nose. The next night, TGB1 has 10 night-lights! The kids have given up trying to help him. However, TGB1 decides to take out the night-light as it is "too bright for him". But when he takes it out, the others become scared of the dark.

Later, each member of the gang has their own individual night-light, except TGB1, who is sleeping peacefully without it.

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