Secret Agents (1)

Secret Agents are the Team created by Lorkin UTTP. They always plan to kill some Good Peoples when they find out they make videos out of Bad Users.

Lorkin UTTP was a leader of Secret Agents because he made that team.

They Kill Taylor JoliCoeur VGCP (ILoveEric MB SFTB TJTF OWN VGCP) and Eric at June 28 2015 because Taylor JoliCoeur VGCP Got James UTTP Suspended on YouTube.

They Killed Team Agents at July 2 because Team Agents made videos out of them.

Secret Agents (2)

Unfortunately, The Team Strike is much better than Secret Agents.


Lorkin UTTP

James UTTP

PowerJohn25 UTTP

Eric Workman

Likes: Bad Peoples, UTTP, Killing Good Peoples, Mike UTTP, Zara Dawson UTTP, Diesel Rob Dawson UTTP, and Some James Bond Films

Neutral with: Stephanie Gavin, Caillou, Dora Marquez, and Darren's Psycho Parents UTTP

Dislikes: Good Peoples, VGCP, Being Killed, Their Weapons got stolen, Erika Dawson, Annabelle Dawson, Taylor JoliCoeur VGCP (ILoveEric MB SFTB TJTF OWN VGCP), Eric JoliCoeur, and Team Agents

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