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"How can you explain this?"

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How Senpai Looks like.




Irina, Kokona Haruka and Haruto Yuto


Igor, Sophie, John, Sanae, Cirno, Patchouli, Renko, Yukari, Carkle, Pingy, Saki Miyu, Pippi Osu, Haruto Yuto, PB&J, Mewtwo, Lucas and MarioLeopoldSam Roblox


Yandere-Chan, Mima, and Bad users

Senpai (Taro Yamada) is a character from Yandere-Simulator. He is tied with Sophie and John for being Igor's best friends.

In the GoAnimate World

He is part of the GoGang. he also hates Yandere-Chan.

His Sweethearts are Kokona Haruka and Irina.

Igor likes Telling Senpai What Yandere-Chan does.

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