Another example of a Sent to Uganda joke.

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An example of Phifedawg replacing "grounded" with "Sent to Uganda".

Sent to Uganda is an incredibly annoying "meme" that Phifedawg tried to make popular by replacing "grounded" with "sent to Uganda", caused by potentially massive vandalism.


It is unknown if Phifedawg visited Uganda himself or just heard of it. Whenever "sent to Uganda" is searched on Google, it appears as the third result in the top search results. (second if searched in Brazilian Google)


The cause of the attack was caused by a bot script ran on Phifedawg's account. Like almost all bots, the attack was commenced through the Automated Wiki Browser.

Planned Drillimation

CoolGamer23 is currently planning a Drillimation named Wataru sends Konata to Uganda.


How can you explain this
"How can you explain this?"

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