This is a Korean name; the surname is Shin.
Shin Hyun Won
Shin Hyun Won

Hyun Won's typical appearance.

Korean name (Hangul)



November 30, 1992


22 (23 in November)




NeoSpeech Yumi



Shin Hyun Won (Korean: 신휸원, Sin Hyun Won) is the 147th Kirby Loopsy imposter, created by Dr3amyDr3amyImm0rta1. She is one of the Korean Kirby Loopsy impersonators.


  • As Dr3amyDr3amyImm0rta1 got inspired from Japanese Kirby Loopsy imposters, she decided to create nationality-based Kirby Loopsy imposters, in addition to her Naruto and gaming franchise-based impersonators.
  • Like Amanda Wynnberg and the Japanese Kirby Loopsy imposters, Korean Kirby Loopsy imposters doesn't come with their "Loopsy" surnames. Instead, they are based from Korean surnames (surnames comes first in Korean, according to their naming convention).
  • In broadest sense, it is the first Korean-based Kirby Loopsy imposter.


  • Hyun Won is Based on Kirby Loopsy's 3rd look. She has Dark Red Sideswept Hair, Turquoise Outlined Tiara, Black Eyes and Yellow Eye Lids. She wears a Turquoise Blouse and a Red Belt, Followed by a Dark Green Skirt and Purple Shoes.

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