This article is about Shrek's Evil Version, for the Hero Version see Shrek (Hero Version)
Shrek (Evil Version)
Shrek goanimate

Shrek himself


Mima, Yandere-Chan, KK, IA


Igor, Sophie, Carkle, Pingy, Sanae, Irina, MC Adore, Palutena, Renko, Preston, Cirno and Info-Chan




Hero (Shrek Series)
Villian (Igor's GoAnimate Series)

Shrek is a ogre from the film series of the same name, he is a troublemaker on Igor's videos due to him getting too much love. 

He is part of the NoGang.

He has a evil clone named Drek. (Who is good on the GoAnimate fandom.)

Reasons He is a troublemaker


  1. Gets too much Love.
  2. He is too overrated
  1. KingKool720 is the primary reason why i hate shrek


  1. Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life ruined him.
  2. Him as a meme can get pretty annoying.
  3. He was treated as a king by Chrome, KK, and IA in the past.

How he actually looks



  • He scares AFK users.
  • Anyone saying Shrek is better than Patchouli and Info-chan would lead Igor to kill that person.

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