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This article is about Shrek's Hero Version, for the Evil Version see Shrek (Evil Version)
Shrek (Hero Version)
Shrek goanimate

Shrek himself


Igor, Sophie, Carkle, Pingy, Sanae, Irina, MC Adore, Palutena, Renko, Preston, Cirno and Info-Chan


Mima, Yandere-Chan, Bowser and Belson




Hero (Shrek Series)

Shrek is a sexy ogre from the film series of the same name. 

He is part of the GoGang.

He has a evil clone named Drek. (Who is evil)

Reasons He is a good boy

He is Shrek and he is Holy. He defeats the evil forces of Farquaad and Drek. And of course replaces Hate and Death with Love and Life along with other Shrek heroes.

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