Simon Sanders Is A Huge Fan Of The Mighty B! is the fifth episode of Simon Sanders Gets Grounded.


Simon Sanders is a huge fan of The Mighty B! that he got a whole merchandise of it. Will he get grounded?


(The screen shows Simon Sanders using his video camera)

Simon Sanders: Hey guys! Simon here, And i'm going to show you my room!

(Zooms into his room)

Simon Sanders: Okay guys, let me tell you, I am a huge fan of The Mighty B! Now i'm going to show you my stuff i have. I have The Mighty B! Shirts, The Mighty B! Caps, The Mighty B! Books, The Mighty B! Plushies, The Mighty B! Pants, The Mighty B! DVDs, And more The Mighty B! stuff.

Paul Sanders: Give me that camera! Simon Sanders, How dare you be a huge fan of The Mighty B? That's it! Your are grounded for 10 months! Go to bed now!

(Simon Sanders is going to his bed, crying)

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