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Sky (Evil Version)

Sky herself.


Flannery, Fluttershy, Yandere-Chan, Mima, General Mandible, Boomboxer, Barney, Dora, Caillou, Cy Sly, No Heart, Shreeky, Beastly, Crocosaur, Brat, Frizard, Catchum Crocodile, Leland Lizard, Wilde Wolf, Packbat, Gatorpossum, Zion, Antasma, Bowser


Igor, Sophie, Carkle, Pingy, James, Sanae, Patchouli, Green, Empire Looney, Renko, Info-Chan, Roobear Koala, Patty Rabbit, Bobby Bear, the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins, The Get Along Gang, Cherry Primrose, Preston Evergreen, Ashley Evergreen (she even holds a grudge against her!), Luka, Rin, and Miku



Sky is a character from Total Drama who NEARLY EVERY SINGLE PERSON on Go!Animate loves, mainly L Ryan.

In Empire Looney, Sophie, and Igor's videos, she is a troublemaker and she would be usually get grounded by Dave. Similar to Scootatoo, She loves everything made by Dreamworks, Blue Sky Studios, Terrytoons, Naughty Dog and MondoMedia. She also hates retro cartoons (mainly those from the 80's and 90's).

In the "Character Elimination" videos of L Ryan, she always receives unfair advantages because she is L Ryan's favorite character. This, of course, defeats the point of having votes in a Character Elimination, since L Ryan will make Sky win either way, with or without votes. For example, she gets to rejoin the game when no-one else does, or receives immunity simply for existing. L Ryan acknowledges this fact, but refuses to do anything about it, and in fact defends his behavior with the simple statement that Sky is his favorite character. To make matters worse, L Ryan actually has feelings for Sky, not as in just liking her as a character, but to the point of thinking she is his girlfriend. He treats her as a real person, and also plans to get married to her as an adult. (Sky is L Ryan's crush)

In Sophie the Otter's Fanon, Ashley Evergreen (Preston's sister) holds a major grudge against Sky due to her IMMENSE amount of popularity compared to Ashley.

In Igor's Fanon, she is deeply despised by Megurine Luka, Info-chan and Clownpiece.

Reasons Why she is a troublemaker


  1. She became too overrated thanks to L Ryan, now i depise her, just like Flannery and Fluttershy.
  2. A overrated Female. A OVERRATED FEMALE. nobody has orginailty nowdays!
  3. Ok this won't count as a reason but...Patchouli Knowledge > Sky
  4. Following the Last reason, Info-Chan > Sky
  5. She isn't on my elimantion series because she is overrated as fuck.
  6. Info-Chan dosen't have that much fans, unlike Sky, Who has a LOAD of Fans.
  7. If i were to suggest a Fictional Crush to L Ryan, I'd say, Yandere-Chan (Don't ask, Probably does not count as a Reason) or Sugar, or another bad choice Fictional Crush. (Yandere-chan is rather neat for a Fictional crush, though.)
  8. I, Sophie and Empire Looney made a Grounded Series of her because she's overrated.
  9. Utsuho, Cirno, and other Touhou Characters are better than Sky!


  1. She tries to get on too many character elimination series.
  2. Dave has better potential, unlike her.
  3. How much character development did she get? Well, watch TDPI again for an easy answer (psst, none. Besides, the season was short)!
  4. She is making underrated characters from Maple Town, Sylvanian Families, Popples, Adventures of the Little Koala, and more jealous due to her popularity, especially Ashley Evergreen.
  5. She doesn't even exist in Sophie's version of the Pahkitew Gang.
  6. Swift Heart Rabbit from Care Bears is a much better athlete than her!
  7. Obscure cartoon furries are a lot cooler than her. At least they are underrated enough to be accepted by me!
  8. Many of Sky's fans are rabid fans to say the least.

Empire Looney's

  1. She is the most loved character in Go!Animate along with Boomboxer from Super Paper Mario and General Mandible from Antz.


  1. Everyone likes her cause She is an Idiot
  2. She wins in the majority of the F****** BULLSH*T Character eliminationscause L Ryan is Making Everyone to have Sky win the Character Elimination,
  3. She has a Youtube Account!
  4. She's Overated, Deal with It.


  1. The immature community ship her and Boomboxer frequently.
  2. Almost every user has her in their name. Example: "Sky Yes Evil Sky No"
  3. Unlike other Total Drama characters (Including Courtney and Alejandro), she is LOVED by everyone.
  4. L Ryan fucks her up making her win every single Character Elimination.
  5. There's an imposter based on her, which I will not talk about.
  6. If you have her as a fictional crush, you're weird (No offense). I suggest have Kyoko Sakura or Hinata Hyuga, these characters are not that popular.

Alex Kimble's

  1. She is extremely overrated. Thanks to L Ryan, and she has won more character eliminations than anyone else, with some people rigging it so Sky wins just so L Ryan won't be upset.
  2. On the actual show she comes from Total Drama, she was a hypocrite when it came to unsportsmanlike conduct. She always goes on and on about being an aspiring olympian, and that she won't accept playing dirty. However, late in the season, she too plays dirty with no explanation, and in the finale, right before the winner is revealed, she throws a MASSIVE tantrum.
  3. She won her season (Total Drama's Canadian endings are the official ones), so L Ryan should have been satisfied enough already.
  4. She was really mean to another contestant (named Dave) late in the season, and she didn't show any sympathy until after Dave had been eliminated that episode.


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