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He makes Goanimate videos like Cartoon and Game Elimination World Tour, Jimmy And Friends and Rayman the great escape. He likes Splatoon, Mario, Minecraft, Knack and Sonic. He joined youtube on june 8th 2015. He likes users like Awildmew, The Jojuan 4444, Smirks, The Colossal D, Zion Mathis, Isaac Anderson Animations, Noller Comedian, JusComedian and African Vulture. He is working on making a movie called Jimmy's Big Movie 2. He hates people who make videos out of people. He hates Caleb The Animator for disrespecting people's opinions on Frozen. And he hates Kirby Loopsy beacause she made a video out of Super Paper Mario FTW Youtube Wars FTL and the user didn't do anything bad.And he used to make grounded videos liken Caillou,Diego and Jimmy but he dosen't do that anymore beacause he thinks grounded videos are boring beacause they keep getting grounded. And he only has 31 subscribes which is not much.

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