Student Driver is an unaired GoGang Junior episode.


TGB1 Wants to go to Toys 'R' Us, but Nanny and Oliver are both gone. Oliver left his car keys in his car again, so TGB1 decides to drive to Toys 'R' Us himself. With the others in tow. Ultimately, he makes it back unscathed, but the city destroyed.


  • TGB1
  • Igor
  • Sophie
  • Pingy
  • James
  • Carkle
  • KingKool
  • Oliverwestern
  • Police Officer
  • Cashier
  • The Nanny (Mentioned)


[One day, TGB1 is admiring his toy collection]

TGB1: Ah, what a wonderful collection I have! I have all of the toys in the line! Except one! Cursed Wonder Walrus! I've never been able to track you down! Welp, guess I should check the Toys 'R' Us website.

[Upon checking the website, TGB1 sees that a limited supply of Wonder Walrus plush dolls have arrived at the local store]

TGB1: *gasp* OMG! Wonder Walrus at the Toy Store!!

Igor: Hey TGB1, Nanny wanted me to tell you that she and Oliver are going away for awhile, so yeah.

TGB1: Oh great! Now how am I supposed to get Wonder Walrus now?

Pingy: Ride in a car!

TGB1: But I don't have car.

Sophie: Well, it looks to me that Oliver left the keys in his car again. You could drive it.

TGB1: Sophie, you're a genius!

[Inside the car, the kids are all sitting on booster seats, and they have numerous pillows]

James: (inaudible gibberish)

TGB1: Of course I know how to drive! I've played Cars: The Video Game on the Wii!

James: Ga lock!

TGB1: Hang on tight, guys! We're about to experience a fun car marathon!

KingKool: You may as well try.

TGB1: OK, so how do I start this thing?

Sophie: Well, there's this thing you have to pull and... yeah.

[TGB1 puts the car on reverse]

KingKool: Step on the gas!

TGB1: You got it, bro.

[TGB1 steps on the gas pedal, causing the car to crash into a lamppost]

TGB1: Meant to do that!

[The car drives off]

[The car is driving recklessly across the busy streets of GoCity. Then, the car passes by a one way sign]

TGB1: Why is everyone going the wrong way?

KingKool: I don't know.

[As people drive past TGB1, they are shaking their fists at him]

[One car hits a lamppost trying to pass TGB1]

Man: Jerk!

TGB1: (after seeing what he did) "Whoops..."

Sophie: "What did you-"

TGB1: "It was a slip. Honest!"

Pingy: "Yeah, in fact, TGB1 is honest!"