Suite 2 is a horror video game created by James the Animator.


A family consisting of a father, a mother, and their two children decide to spend a week in a normal-looking hotel. However, when checking in, the counter person tells them not to go in Suite 2, as no one ever emerges after they go in. He also warns them that if one of their family goes missing in Suite 2, they are not to go in the printer room, as the same thing happens. The family then learns that the hotel building was once a pizzeria with animatronics. However, the animatronics' behavior started to become erratic as time went on. Eventually, the pizzeria left the facility and decided to go somewhere else. However, they didn't realize they left the animatronics behind...


Detective John Anderson (Father

John Anderson is the patriarch of the family. He works as a detective, but is taking a vacation. If you choose to play as him, he wishes to uncover the mysteries of the hotel.

Mary Anderson (Mother)

Mary Anderson is the matriarch of the family.


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