Camille Primrose in goanimate life

Real name

Sunniva Darcy Primrose


Male(He has female part. However, he's not transgender)



Birth date



Human(April 30th, 1999-May 18th, 2011) Sack-boy(September 4, 2011-February 2015 due to being hypnotized by an LBP fanboy ), human again(2015-around 2017) Fairy(Summer 2017-April, 22nd 2018) Human(April 22nd, 2018-present), Neko(June 20th, 2018-present)


Cammy Cam Camy Cherry Little Fairy Cutie Cammie Sunny Bon Bonnie Bonny Cherrie Primrose Sunni

Hair color

Banana yellow(April 30th 1999- January 2016) Brunette(2016-present), Hot Pink(August 5th-Spring 2019), Blonde(Spring 2019-present)

Eye color

Storm Grey(April 30th,1999-June 28th,2017) Amber(June 28th,2017-July 21st, 2017),Crystal Blue(July 21st,2017-July 23th, 2017), Chocolate Brown(December 7th 2017-2018), Rose Quartz(2018-April 22nd, 2018), brown again(April 22nd-Present)

Sunniva(Real name: Sunniva Darcy Primrose) is somewhat famous role play OC is created by Trinity Hayes.


Sunniva is born to Thomas primrose, a retired postman now construction worker and Francine Primrose aka Bennett, a former waitress at local diner. He got turned into a fairy due to consuming fairy candy along with Harley clover in 2017 but later changed back into a human in April 22nd, 2018. Sunniva often mistaken for a girl because of his long hair and interest in cute stuff. He have a girlfriend named Marilyn Nicholson, has longtime best friend now roommate named Harley clover whom he met in preschool when they're kids, Corey, Percy, Bailey, tula, perry, joseph, john, and etc. Older brother named Pandora who is 4 years older than him. 


Sunniva is kind, cute, delightful, quirky, cheerful, happy, playful, joyful, sweet, sensitive, respectful, childish, peppy, girly, adventurous, abnormal, outgoing, energetic, doglike, pretty 19 years old who loved fantasy stuff, flowers, adventuring, music, fairy tales, cute things such as cats, bunnies, kids stuff such as bubbles, girl stuff such as hair-clips, hair-bows, perfume, nail polish, sleepovers, He has the behavior of a human child or Spongebob. Sunniva have both ADHD and Autism. He can be very naive, eccentric, mischievous, hyper, troublemaker, cheesy sometimes. His magical abilities is speed plants growth up and extend it's lifespan(in fact, he is very good gardener), making bubbles, adding enhanced flavors in food, pulling tricks on people, healing, turning stuff into something else, making things invisible, bringing stuff to people.


Sunniva is known for his cuteness and personality of a happy little girl. He is an teenager boy with decent long thick brown hair(Used to be banana yellow back in 1999), Chocolate brown eyes(Used to be different colors like grey, amber, blue, and pink), warm skin tone(used to be pale when he was born). He look quite girly where he used to be more girly looking since He was younger but he is more boyish, and little bit girly now


Sunniva wore pink shirt, blue jeans, black sneakers.

Athletic Wear=Sunniva wore baggy white T shirt, black basketball shorts, grey Michael Jordan sneakers. His hair is tied to ponytail to prevent his hair from getting into his face.

Winter Wear=Sunniva wore pink coat, dark blue jeans, red sneakers, brownish orange bomber hat, He often wear red ice skates with snowflakes for ice skating. he sometimes wear different coats, pants, hats, and boots.

Summer Wear=Sunniva wore red T Shirt, blue shorts, white sandals. He wear different summer clothes

Pajamas Wear= Sunniva wore pink t shirt, purple PJ pants. He wore different slippers or pajamas but he mostly wear heart emoji slippers he got for Christmas 2017.

Formal Wear= Sunniva wore black suit with red tie, black formal shoes.

Swim Wear= He wore Sukumizu(A Japanese swimsuit worn by school students during swimming lessons in Japan), in new swim look, he wore pink swim trunks, blue t shirt.

Autumn Wear= He wore orange long sleeved shirt, red pants, red sneakers. He wear different Fall clothes.

His new look is Blue-green shirt, purple jeans, red shoes, pink star earrings.

Sunniva rarely wear different clothes.


Mrs. Primrose(Real name: Francine Primrose aka Bennett)(mother): June 15th, 1974 Age: 43

Mr. Primrose(Real name: Thomas Primrose)(father): January 25th, 1968 Age: 50

Marisol Primrose(New younger sister): ????

Pandora Hazel Primrose(Older Brother): March 11, 1995 Age: 23

Madeleine Bennett(Maternal Grandmother): November 4th, 1941 Age: 75

Harry Bennett aka Taylor(Maternal Grandfather): October 11th, 1939 Age: 77

Benson Primrose(Uncle/Thomas's older brother): August 15th, 1964(Age: 54)

Millicent Lucy Primrose aka Rosemund(Aunt/ben's wife): November 16th, 1966(Age: 52)

Hannah Primrose(cousin): June 29th, 1992(Age: 25)

Matthew Primrose(cousin): March 8th, 1989(Age: 29)

Diana Primrose(cousin): February 22nd, 2009

Benson Primrose jr(cousin): December 10th, 2005(Age: 12)

Olivia Primrose (Aunt): September 4th, 1986 Age: 31

Michael McKenzie(Olivia's boyfriend/Uncle): November 19th, 1986: Age: 31

Uncle Robert Benettt (Uncle): March 3rd, 1971 Age: 47

Fiona Bennett aka Cooper (aunt/Uncle Robert's wife): February 14th, 1969 Age: 48

Ethan Primrose (Paternal Grandfather): March 27th, 1928 Age: 90

Betty Primrose aka Auclair(Paternal Grandmother): July 18th, 1933 Age: 85

Lisa Bennett(once removed cousin): May 23rd, 2007 Age: 11

Robert Bennett jr(cousin): December 21st, 2001 Age: 16

Aaron Bennett(Cousin): March 8th, 2002 Age: 16

Aunt Ophelia Bennett(late aunt): April 23th, 1964-June 28th, 2006(died at age 42 )Reason: illness

Kylie McKenzie: August 12th, 2009 (Age: 8)(Cousin)

Brianna McKenzie: August 12th, 2009(Age: 8)(Cousin)

Joshua McKenzie: January 6th, 2007(Age: 11)(Cousin)

Eugene McKenzie: May 25th, 2005(Age: 12)(Cousin)

Sally Bennett  aka Eriksson(Great grand mother/ Madeline's mother): July 21st, 1912-2009(Age: 97) a Reason: Old age

Henry Bennett (Great grandfather/Madeline's father): May 24th, 1912-Summer 1998(Age: 86) Reason: illness

Arthur Primrose aka (Great grandfather/Ethan's father)September 3rd, 1902-Summer 1978(Age: 76)Reason: Unknown causes

Helga Primrose Aka Williams(Great grandmother/Ethan's late mother): June 10th, 1903- April 6th, 1935(age 32). Reason: Tuberculosis

Pet Cat: Pepper,


Corey Dawson(New Best friend): December 1st, 1998(Age 19)

Bailey Dawson(New Best friend): October 9th, 1996(Age 21)

Percy De Santa(New Best friend): July 1st, 1999(Age: 18)

Tula(Best friend): September 12th, 2000(Age: 17)

Perry(Best friend): September 12th, 2000(Age: 17) Harley clover(Best friend): May 12th, 1999 John Joseph and etc


  • Sunniva have delayed puberty. He doesn't develop any facial hair and body hair most boys his own age would grow them after they got older.
  • Sunniva's mental age is 7
  • Sunniva is inspired by trinity's little sister, hello kitty, snow white, kagome Higurashi, sailor moon, pinkie pie, tinkerbell, ariel, shirley temple, trinity's niece, Spongebob Squarepants, Winnie the pooh, people with child voices, people older than they look, boys with long hair, clefa, clefairy, jiggypuff, igglypuff, pikachu.
  • Sunniva's sexuality is pansexual. He can date people regardless of their gender or sexuality.
  • Sunniva's old nickname(cammy) is named after a Street Fighter character. 
  • Sunniva is reportedly Australian-Swedish-French-Korean-Japanese-Chinese American. His grandmother's family come from Australia and his grandfather's family come from France, his great-grandmother's family is from Sweden.
  • Sunniva's previous names are Camille, Cherry, Bonnie.