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GoAnimate X Super Mario Bros


The GoGang Lands on Alternate Dimension Called The Mushroom Kingdom! But Suddenly Bowser Decides To Kidnap Sanae Kochiya, Chica, Peach, and Daisy! Igor, Pingy, Mario and Luigi's Girlfriends!


Young Guy as Pingy

Kayla as Sophie and Wendy Koopa

Julie as Daisy and Birdo

Brian as Mario and Yoshi and Koopa Troopa and Diddy Kong

Paul as Luigi, Igor and Larry Koopa and Goomba

Eric as Carkle and Hammer Bro

Scary Voice as Bowser

Ivy as Bowser Jr and Lemmy Koopa and Toad and Toadette

Wiseguy as Wario

Steven as Waluigi

Princess as Peach and Chica

Diesel as Morton Koopa

Dallas as Roy Koopa and Donkey Kong

Zack/David/Evil Genius as Iggy Koopa

Lawrence as Toadsworth

Kimbrely as Sanae Kochiya


[The GoGang are walking on the Park.]

[They Spot a Green Pipe]

Pingy: "Wow! A Green Pipe!"

Sophie: "Let's Go Inside It!"

Carkle: "Yeah!"

[They Go Into The Pipe]

[They land on Mushroom Kingdom.]

Igor: "Something is VERY Famliar here..."

[Toad Is Poking the heroes With a Stick]

Toad: "Umm Mario! Something Isn't Right!"

Igor: "I'm not Mario! he is at Peach's Castle!

Toad: "Oh, Sorry!"

Mario: "Hey! What's a Hold-a-Up?"

Igor: "Let Toad Explain it!"

Toad: "Bowser Kidnapped Peach again!"

[Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle....]

Bowser: "I Will Kidnap Every Girlfriend Heroes Have in The Mushroom Kingdom!"

[Peach Is In the Cage]

Peach: "Your Gonna Be Sorry When You Always Kidnap Me!

[Bowser Jr Appears To Guard The Cage]

Bowser Jr: "Shut Up Strawberries and Roses!"

[Bowser Jr Seals Peach's Mouth]

[Meanwhile at Mushroom Kingdom.]

Igor: "Do you know Who's a Baka?"

Pingy: "Who?"

Igor: "Cirno!"

Pingy: "What "Baka" Means?"

Igor: "Stupid."

Pingy: "Oh."

Igor: "I like cirno, even trough she is a Baka."

[Cuts to Bowser's Castle]

[Bowser Sees Into His Castle Window That He Sees Sanae Kochiya, Chica and Daisy]

Bowser: "Oh Yes! I Will Get You Three!"

[Bowser Laughs]

[Bowser Goes into His Koopa Clown Car] 

[Cut to the heroes.]

[SMB3's Airship Theme plays here.]

Igor: "Uh?"

Pingy: "Why is That Music Playing?"

[Bowser Appears]

Bowser: "Don't Ask Why! I Am Here For Those 2 Girls and Daisy"

Bowser: "Umm What's Your Name?"

Sanae Kochiya: "Sanae Kochiya"

Bowser: "Umm What's That Robot Chicken's Name?"

Chica: "Im Chica! Let's Eat!"

Bowser: "Well! Im Gonna Snatch Your Girlfriends!"

[Bowser Snatches Daisy, Sanae Kochiya, and Chica]

[Bowser Flies Away and Laughs]


Pingy: "What you mean with a 2nd time?"

Igor: "It happened berfore on GoGang: Walfaized."

[Cuts To Bowser's Castle]

[Bowser is Home]

Bowser: "Son! Look What Daddy Brought You!"

[Bowser Shows Bowser Jr Sanae Kochiya, Chica, and Daisy]

Bowser Jr: "You're The Best Dad!" [Bowser Jr Hugs His Dad]

[Cut to the heroes]

Igor: "Ugh, I'm probably going to BACKSTAB or HEADSHOT some idiot right now."

Pingy: "Keep your TF2 Terms away now, we need to save the ladies!"

Igor: "What if Bowser is working with Yandere-Chan and Mima?"

Wario: "Then I'll Punch Them With My Super Fists!"

Waluigi: "What Wario Said!"

Igor: "I undestand."

Waluigi: "I have plenty of Bomb-ombs!"

Igor: "I got it, Bomb Attack?"

Yoshi: "Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi!" [I Dunno Who Sanae Kochiya Is!]

Igor: "Sanae Kochiya is my girlfriend!"

Pingy: "Well Let's Go to Bowser's Castle!"

Igor: "OK."

[They go to Bowser's Castle.]