Super Pingy Galaxy is a game released and developed By Pingy Game Productions, it is inspired by the 2007 game Super Mario Galaxy.


Today It Was Star Festival on GoCity, But Suddenly..., Lrrr and his Koopa minions decide to crash the festival, in the commotion, Pingy got blasted into space by  Jrrr! And it is up to Pingy to save the galaxy!


  • Doorway Galaxy
  • Ghost's Ribyard Galaxy
  • Bad Egg Galaxy
  • HoneyBee Galaxy
  • Loop Da Loop Galaxy
  • Flip N Switch Galaxy
  • Nice Nice Galaxy
  • Jrrr's Robot Reactor
  • Space Trash Galaxy
  • Brawlstone Galaxy
  • Rolling Grass Galaxy
  • Hurry Up Galaxy
  • SlingShot Galaxy
  • Lrrr Star Reactor
  • Beach Ball Galaxy
  • Ghastly Galaxy
  • Bubble Herloom Galaxy
  • Buoy Bay Galaxy
  • Drip Drop Galaxy
  • Jrrr's Airship Fleet
  • Dusty Garden Galaxy
  • Hailfire Galaxy
  • Gusty Dune Galaxy
  • Honeyclimb Galaxy
  • GiantMouth Galaxy
  • Lrrr's Dark Matter Factory
  • Gold Leaf Galaxy
  • Sea Sliders Galaxy
  • Toy Box Galaxy
  • Bonefish Galaxy
  • Sandy Galaxy
  • Jrrr's Lava Reactor
  • Dark Dark Galaxy
  • Dreadnaught Galaxy
  • Molten Galaxy
  • Splatter Galaxy
  • Snow Cap Galaxy
  • Roller Ruckus Galaxy
  • Bubble Trouble Galaxy
  • Loop Da Loop Galaxy 2.0
  • Finish Line Galaxy


Characters will appear on the ship after collecting certain amounts of stars, here's a list of them.

  • Cirno (Appears at Start of Game)
  • Star Babies (Appear at Start of Game)
  • TGB1 (Appears When 5 Stars are Recovered)
  • James (Appears When 5 Stars are Recovered)
  • Carkle (Appears When 10 Stars are Recovered)
  • Sophie (Appears When 15 Stars are Recovered)
  • Igor (Appears After Rescuing him at Ghastly Galaxy, When Recovering all 120 Stars, he Becomes a Playable Character)
  • Driller (Appears When 30 Stars are Recovered)
  • Mametchi (Appears when 35 stars are recovered)
  • Blue Mario (appears when 50 stars are recovered)

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