Super Smash Keyboards Touhou


Drillimation Studios
Team Shanghai Alice




Super Smash Keyboards


PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows PC, Nintendo Gamecube, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii

First Game

Super Smash Keyboards Touhou, 2004

Latest Game

Super Smash Keyboards Touhou 4, 2013




Single-player, Multiplayer

Super Smash Keyboards Touhou, known in Japan as Super Smash Keyboards vs. Touhou Project (大乱闘スマッシュキーボード対東方project Dairantō Sumasshu Kībōdo tai Tōhō Project), is a spin-off series of crossover fighting games developed by Drillimation Studios in collaboration with Team Shanghai Alice and published by Namco, featuring characters from Super Smash Keyboards and from the Touhou Project developed by the one-man game developer Team Shanghai Alice.

Playable Characters

Super Smash Keyboards
Wataru Hoshi Yes Yes
Leopold Slikk Yes Yes
Ataru Hori Yes Yes
Susumu Hori Yes Yes
Taizo Hori Yes Yes
Konata Izumi Yes Yes
Kagami Hiiragi No Yes
Tsukasa Hiiragi No Yes
Miyuki Takara Yes Yes
Akira Kogami Yes Yes
James Rolfe Yes Yes
Eguri Hatakeyama Yes
Keel Sark Yes
Touhou Project
Reimu Hakurei Yes Yes
Marisa Kirisame Yes Yes
Sakuya Izayoi Yes Yes
Alice Margatroid Yes Yes
Patchouli Knowledge Yes Yes
Youmu Konpaku Yes Yes
Yuyuko Saigyouji Yes Yes
Remilia Scarlet Yes Yes
Yukari Yakumo Yes Yes
Suika Ibuki Yes Yes
Hong Meirin/Hong Meiling Yes No
Sanae Kochiya No No
Cirno No No


Yes Character is playable.
Yes Character is a secret character.
No Character is not playable.


The gameplay uses the same mechanic in all Super Smash Keyboards games, but with a few exceptions. The game utilizes a spell system, that increases as players deal damage, and when full, the character will unleash a powerful spell attack that deals a large amount of damage based on the character's age multiplied by 3. Another finisher included is Heroic Brutality, which applies to Touhou characters. Hence the Touhou characters don't normally kill people, they just simply brutally injure them. If the Touhou character is villian, then a normal fatality is performed.

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