Thanksgiving Day is episode 28 of Comedy World. It aired on Kids' WB on November 20, 1999.


When suspicious figures are ruining a Thanksgiving parade, Eric & PC Guy must discover who the culprits are.


  • Eric as himself
  • Brian as PC Guy
  • Susan as herself
  • Paul as himself
  • Jennifer as Grandma Pearson
  • Young Guy as Turkey
  • Kimberly as Mother Turkey


  • This is one of the few episodes where the theme song doesn't play before the episode can start.
  • A flashback from Football Follies played when PC Guy said he's never been interested in football.


[The episode opens at a shot of the Pearson's backyard. Two turkeys walk by]

Turkey: Mama, can you tell me a story?

Mother Turkey: I'm glad you asked me that! I know a decent one.

Turkey: You do?

Mother Turkey: Yep! It's called "Thanksgiving". Whenever Thanksgiving strikes the calendar, turkeys around the world are hunted down so they can get chowed down by useless species known as "humans".

Turkey: Mama, I'm scared.

[Suddenly, Eric jumps into the scene and catches the turkeys with a net]

Eric: Your mother was right, scaredy cat! Or should I say... scaredy turkey? [laughs and walks into the house]

[The theme song plays. After that, the title card and credits, such as writers, display]

[The camera zooms into PC Guy's bedroom]

Eric: [shaking PC Guy in order to wake him up] PC Guy. PC Guuuuu-uuuuyyyyy.

PC Guy: [half asleep] What the heck do you want?

Eric: I made you Thanksgiving breakfast.

PC Guy: Turkey for breakfast? That's a good one. [goes back to resting his head]

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