TheFreddyFazbearFan is a very small YouTuber who makes Go!Animate videos, The Killing series, and Downfall parodies. He is most known for making a video called "Killing Courtney". He is currently in the EDCP and AVGCP.   

Go!Animate videos

He currently makes Go!Animate videos which have ElPatron036 and Chibi Sting sometimes. He has made a new rant series with the first being Courtney. He has a discontinued character elimanation with just two episodes. 

Killing series

He is mostly known for making killing things. His most popular is "Killing Courtney"  with over 1,000 views. He has killed most of the time Total Drama characters. He has stopped the kiilling series, but he is planning to release it onto his blog.

 Downfall Parodies

He is not known for his parodies. he makes them about every 2 or 3 weeks.

Short Bio

Age: 19

Name: Jason

Lives: Tampa, FL

Born: Orlando, FL


Go!Animaters, EDCP members, pizza, YouTubing, sharing with friends.


VGCP members, UTTP members, bad tasting food.


ElPatron036, Chibi Sting,  TheSmallVideoMaker, BJTheSnowPea9000.


King Daniel Ousbourne WILL TERMINATE YOU ALL UTTP! (terminated), KirbyComiedian2014 (terminated), Officer Jason UTTP.

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