The Adventures Of GoGang is a British animated TV Show created Onion senpai, the pilot episode was produced on march 14th 1995, but the series was not greenlit until june 21st 1997. it first aired on august 14 1997 on Cartoon Network. the show is rated TV-PG


The show follows the misadventures of a group of misfits.


  • IA: a 14 year old who always wants to gain something everyday.
  • KK: a wannabee gangster who thinks he is a cool kid
  • Chrome: A robot who likes to invent stuff.
  • Sophie: a 15 year old mutant otter who KK has a crush on.
  • Carkle: An animatronic from a closed pizza place
  • Igor: A slightly greedy 14 year old who wants fame.
  • Pingy: a robot penguin that makes video game mods.
  • Bubsy: the 17 year old leader of the GoAnimate Liberterian Party
  • Oliverwestern: The mayor of GoCity
  • Warren: a mean bully who wants to ruin the Gang's day


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  1. AHHHHHHHHH! ROBOTS: Chrome builds  robots to help him around the lab, but they soon go haywier 
  2. Movie Maker: The Gang tries to make a movie for a contest, but warren  tries to ruin their movie.

Banned Episodes

  1. Night Of The Living Corpses: Chrome invents a machine that can revive the dead, so he tests it out on a graveyard, the machine revives the deacesed people, however, the machine only brings back their basic instincts. this episode was banned due to extreme violence

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