The Beginning: Part 2 is the second episode of R.O.B.O.


The R.O.B.O. soldiers make it to the Scavengers' base and they see Obsidian trying to flay Magnorus, so they try to stop him. Magnorus awakens and fights Obsidian. Obsidian then tries to use his EMP blast on Magnorus, but it hits Diamond instead, the blow riveting Magnorus back to his senses. Kasai then sees several of Obsidian's minions hiding, waiting to ambush R.O.B.O., but Kasai tells the R.O.B.O soldiers about the hidden soldiers, and they attack them. Meanwhile, Magnorus is fighting Obsidian, and the latter stabs Magnorus with a sword. But Magnorus hits Obsidian so hard that he goes through the building. Obsidian's forces then retreat. Magnorus, as he dies, makes Kasai the new leader, and gives him his powers, before dying. The R.O.B.O soldiers then return to their base and hold a funeral for magnorus. Diamond wakes up the next day and hears about Kasai's promotion. He is dismayed, because he thinks he should've become leader, due to him being deputy.



diamond: the scavenger's base...

sapphire: it's more dreadful then i thought


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