The Big Halloween Scare is the 4th episode of GoGang Junior. It is created by TGB1.


On Halloween, Igor and Pingy decide to pull a prank on TGB1, Sophie, Carkle, IA and James. It starts out ok, but soon takes several wrong turns when one of them goes missing.


  • Igor
  • Pingy
  • TGB1
  • Sophie
  • Carkle
  • IA
  • James
  • The Nanny (No Lines)
  • Peanut (Picture Cameo)
  • Jelly (Picture Cameo)
  • Phifedawg (Mentioned)


(Outside the house, it's foggy and dark.)

(Inside, TGB1 and James are watching a Halloween-themed Thomas tape, with their least favorite song, Boo! Boo! Choo-Choo at the end, IA and Carkle are making masks, and Sophie is carving a Pumpkin.)

(Igor and Pingy are upset.)

TGB1: What's wrong guys?

James: Onso.

Igor: Nanny just said we can't go trick or treating!

Sophie: I'm sad too, but can you blame her? We're not old enough to go out alone.

IA: We could get hit by a car, or kidnapped.

James: EGAGA!

Igor: What'd he say?

IA: Something about-

["Radio Ga Ga" by Queen plays in the background for a couple seconds]

[Igor and Pingy exit the room]

Pingy: What should we do?

Igor: Hey! I know! We could pull a little joke on the others!

Pingy: Great Idea!

[Cuts to the TV, the song TGB1 and James hate is about to start]

TGB1: Time to rewind.

[The rewind button is jammed]

TGB1: That's odd. Let's try the eject button.

[The eject button is jammed also]

James: Oh No.

[The song starts, TGB1 and James are instantly petrified]

TGB1: Ahhh! Not the owl!!!! Help!

Sophie: All the buttons are jammed!

[Sophie tries to help, but ultimately makes it so the begining is on an endless loop]

TGB1: Ahh! Your help ain't helping!

James: Dodahforgoshike

TGB1: No! I will not watch the owl with you!

[Sophie is still fiddling with the remote, and turns the TV volume to full blast]

TGB1: Ahhh! I gotta get outta here!! (Slips on a water slick and knocks over a knife-holder, a knife almost hits his head, but misses and hits his head on a picture with the entire gang.)

[Cut back to Sophie]

Sophie: Oops!

[Igor and Pingy are watching from behind the corner]

Igor: Wow! That was hilarious!

Pingy: Look at him now!

[TGB1 is cutting up the wires with one of the knifes from the holder]

[The TV finally turns off]

Carkle: Wow.

[The power goes off]

TGB1: Dang Nab-bit!

Igor: Was that a part of the plan?

Pingy: Uhh...

IA: I'd better go find the circuit breaker.

Sophie: You'll need this. (Hands IA a flashlight)

(IA opens a door leading to a dark room)

TGB1: Good luck.

(IA disappears into the black)

(A scream is heard)

James: Buddy?

(Red paint leaks out from the door-way)

(Carkle screams, breaking all the windows)

Pingy: That wasn't part of the plan.

TGB1: This is worse than the time Phifedawg babysat us!

James: (Inaudible Gibberish)

TGB1: Maybe you should just go to bed until we find IA.

James: Keki.

(James walks up the stairs)

Igor: TGB1, we pranked you.

TGB1: How!?

Pingy: I jammed the buttons on your remote.

(TGB1's skin turns red)

TGB1: Come, Here.

(TGB1 takes Pingy into a darkened area, another scream is heard)


Sophie: What did you do to him?

TGB1: Somethings are better left unsaid.

Igor: Whatever, we have to find the circuit breaker!

(The 4 are walking though the basement)

TGB1: Ok guys, we have to stick together here.

[Carkle pours glue on his hand, and puts it on TGB1]


Carkle: "Heh heh." (Blushes)