The Computer Virus is the 80th episode of GoGang Junior


While surfing the web, Pingy spots an add that says "FREE ROBUX ON ROBLOX!!!". But instead, it gives the computer a virus. Will the Gang get the virus out before Nanny comes home?


  • Pingy
  • Igor
  • TGB1
  • Sophie
  • James
  • KingKool
  • Chrome
  • Carkle
  • IA
  • The Nanny


[The episode starts with Pingy surfing on the web on the computer]

Pingy: "Hmmm, which site should I go on? FunBrain? Club Penguin?"

[Pingy browses Google for children's websites]

[But suddenly...Pingy spots an ad that says "FREE ROBUX ON ROBLOX!!!"]

Pingy: oh mama!!! This must be my lucky day!"

[Then, angel and devil versions of Pingy appear on his shoulders (A reference to the "Angel and Devil versions of a character in a cartoon gag"]

Devil Pingy: "Come on, kid! Click on it already!"

Angel Pingy: "Think before you click, Pingy."

Pingy: "I do not know! What if bad things happen?!"

Devil Pingy: "CLICK IT CLICK IT!!!!!!"

[Devil Pingy chuckles maniacally as Angel Pingy sighs]

Pingy: "OK, here goes nothing!"

[Pingy clicks on the ad but suddenly...viruses start to surround the screen]

[Pingy runs around in circles screaming]

[Pingy clicks on the shut-down button multiple times but the computer won't turn off]

[Pingy then spots a Caillou error]

Caillou: Hello and welcome to Caillou Error! I'm Caillou, your host for the day! We're going to be butt buddies forever! [While Caillou talks, Pingy is screaming] I am going to fill your computer with viruses, and their's NOTHING you can do about it!

Pingy: "I'm so dead!"

[Pingy calls the gang to notify the virus]