The Eternal Death of Keel Sark

First Aired

JP February 15, 1987
NA February 18, 1996


Hideo Yamaguchi


Hiroshi Takajima

The Eternal Death of Keel Sark (キール・サークの永遠の死 Kīru Sāku no Eien no Shi) is the very last episode of Magical Girl Team Lucky Star. It is the 52nd episode of the sixth and final season of the series, and the 312th overall. Like the other Magical Girl Team Lucky Star season finales, this episode does not have a Lucky Channel segment.


Act One

The episode begins with the continuation of the battle with Keel Sark from the previous episode. Every time someone would attack Keel with their magic, he would change his type to the person who casted the magic (for example, Konata's thunder magic causes Keel to become Ghost-Electric type). Magic and attacks that would be super effective to him causes his health to deplete faster. After Keel gets fed up with being hit so much, Keel decides to unleash Supernova, basically killing everyone in the battle. The Supernova is stopped with the Konata X Susumu Beam that banishes Keel for good. After Keel dissolves into the Netherrealm, they announce that Keel Sark has been put to eternal rest by the Magical Girl Team Lucky Star.

Act Two

After the news of Keel's death spreads for an entire day, Soujirou decides to have a royal wedding at the Lucky Star Kingdom due to Konata's strong relationship with Susumu. Soujirou and Kanata invite everyone from Ryou High School to the wedding, including Akira and Minoru. As the wedding approaches, a new magic spell is created that turns the clothing of anyone's to the color of white. At the day of the wedding, Susumu is crowned as the new king and Konata is crowned as the new queen of the kingdom.

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