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The Title Card

The GoGang Adventures Of The KND is a crossover half-hour special created By Pingy Animatronic. It crosses over with the Cartoon Network series Codename: Kids Next Door


The GoGang find themselves in an alternate dimension known as the KND universe. They meet the Kids Next Door. 


  • Young Guy as Pingy, Senpai, IA, and Mametchi
  • Paul as Igor the Mii
  • Eric as Carkle, Numbuh 1 and DanTDM the Animator
  • Brian as Mordecai, Numbuh 2, and Numbuh 4
  • Ivy as Numbuh 3
  • Kayla as Sophie and Numbuh 5
  • Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya and Chica
  • Brian, Eric, Paul, Kayla, Princess as The Delightful Children From Down The Lane


[Pingy and friends are walking down GoCity]

Mametchi: "Wow, it sure is nice to be walking down here."

Pingy: "Yeah."

[Pingy spots a portal]

Pingy: "What is this?"

Sophie: "Maybe it's a portal!"

Igor: "Sophie's right."

Pingy: "Then let's get into it!"

[Pingy and friends go into the portal]

[The intro plays The GoGang Adventures Of KND theme]

[When the intro ends]

[The gang lands on the KND universe from a portal.]

Igor: "W-What we're doing here?"

Pingy: "This must be the KND world."

Igor: "Well, I must confess, Numbuh 3 was my 3rd waifs, and I am very embrassed of this fact. that was back on 2011."

Sanae Kochiya: "Yeah..."

Igor: "Not to mention I am a male Yandere."

Mametchi: "Yandere?"

Igor: "Yes."

IA: "I am going to join The Delightful Children From Down The Lane!"

Pingy: "No! IA!"

IA: "Well, I'm joining them anyways!"

[IA joins The Delightful Children From Down The Lane]

Igor: "GOD DARN IT!"

[The Gang spots the KND treehouse.]

Igor: "I think we found it..."

[The gang enters the treehouse.]

Igor: "This treehouse is AWESOME!"

Numbuh 1: "Freeze, intruders!"

Pingy: "Whoa, dude! We're not intruders!"

Igor: "Yeah!"

Numbuh 1: "Then why you did enter the treehouse without warning?!"

Igor: "We didn't know we needed to warn to enter the treehouse!"

Pingy: "And my worst rival IA has joined The Delightful Children From Down The Lane!"

Igor: "Yeah."

[IA goes to The Delightful Mansion From Down The Lane]

Delightful Children From Down The Lane: "What can I do for you?"

IA: "I came to you!"

Delightful Children From Down The Lane: "Splendid! We will destroy the KND!"

[Cut to the KND]

Numbuh 3: "Hello! Did somebody take my Rainbow Monkey doll?!"

Igor: "It wasn't me."

Sanae Kochiya: "Me neither!"

[Numbuh 4 is seen holding Numbuh 3's Rainbow Monkey doll]

Numbuh 4: "I hate Rainbow Monkeys! I'm gonna throw them away to the trash can!"

[Numbuh 4 is gonna throw away the Rainbow Monkey doll that Numbuh 3 is looking for]


[Igor uses his powers to push the Rainbow Monkey doll towards Numbuh 3.]

Numbuh 4: "WHAT THE-"

[The Rainbow Monkey doll lands softly on Numbuh 3's head]

[Numbuh 3 gets angry at Numbuh 4]

Numbuh 4: "Oh uh."


Pingy: "Duck and cover!"

[Pingy, Igor, Carkle, Sophie, Mordecai, Sanae Kochiya, Chica and Mametchi quickly duck and cover]



[Numbuh 4 slaps Numbuh 3's face]

Igor: "Numbuh 1! Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 are fighting!"


[Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 stop fighting]

[Numbuh 3 is crying because Numbuh 4 slapped her in the face]

Igor: "Jesus Christ!"

Sanae Kochiya: "She's crying!"

Pingy: "Wait! I got this!"

[Pingy is singing a lullaby to Numbuh 3 off-key]

Igor: "What is going on now? Is that an off-key lullaby?"

Sanae Kochiya: "Yep!"

[Numbuh 3 is still crying]

Pingy: "Great! I am not good at singing!"

Igor: "Let me do something."

Mametchi: "I'll help!"

[Igor and Mametchi surround Numbuh 3 with Rainbow Monkey dolls]

[Numbuh 3 is happy with the Rainbow Monkey dolls]

Igor: "That oughta do it!"

Numbuh 3: "Weeeeeeee!"

Igor: "Bam! Problem solved!"

[Everybody except Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 4 giggle.]

Sanae Kochiya: "How you knew she liked Rainbiw Monkeys?"

Igor: "Duh, I used to watch KND in my childhood!"

[Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 5 come downstairs]

Numbuh 2: "Hey! What's all the ruckus?"

Numbuh 5: "And what are you guys giggling about?!"

Igor: "I don't know!"

Sanae Kochiya: "We giggled after Numbuh 3 got happy."

[Cut to IA and The Delightful Childern From Down The Lane]

Delightful Children From Down The Lane: "So IA! We will conquer GoCity!"

[IA and the DCFDTL do an evil laugh]

[Cut back to the KND]

Igor: "Hey guys! Have you heard of Walfas? Wait, That's for another movie."

Mametchi: "Teaser!"

Pingy: "Nice!"

Numbuh 1: "Splendid!"

Igor: "Wait, what are we talking about?"

[Cut to the DCFDTL and IA]

Delightful Children From Down The Lane: "We will go to the portal to destroy GoCity with IA!"

[The DCFDTL and IA go to the portal that leads them to GoCity]

[Cut to the GoGang and KND, again!]

Igor: "Let me show what is, Walfas."

[Igor pulls out a laptop with umlimited WiFi and opens the link to Walfas' Create.swf.]

Numbuh 3: "Looks good for me!" [Giggles]

Mametchi: [blushes]

Numbuh 4: "Bleh, Touhou is for girls!"

Igor: "Numbuh 4, just because NEARLY EVERYBODY on Touhou is a girl dosen't mean it's for girls!"

[Numbuh 4 Dresses Up in a Pizza Costume]

Numbuh 4: "I Will Sing The Pizza Song and That Will Prove That Stinking Touhou a Lesson!

[Numbuh 4 Sings The Pizza Song]


[Chica is Chasing Numbuh 4 in a Pizza Costume]

Igor: [To Pingy Animatronic (User)] "Were you supposed to make a reference to How to make FNAF Not Scary?"

Pingy (User): "Uh? Yeah."

Igor: "Good to hear,"


Igor: "Considering Numbuh 4 is Fearless, i think i did a Out of Character Moment."

[Meanwhile, at GoCity...]

[Cuts to IA and DCFDTL Conquering GoCity]

Delightful Children From Down The Lane: So IA! We Will Use Our Delightfulize Ray!

[DCFDTL and IA Zaps Every People and Users in GoCity with The Delightfulize Ray]

[Everybody and Users Turns into Delightful Slaves]

[Alex Kimble Makes a Cameo Appearance Being Delightfulized Along With The Delightfulized Good Users]

Alex Kimble: "I am The Delightful Childern and IA's Minion!" [Manically Laughs]

[Cuts Back to KND]

[Numbuh 4 Takes Off His Pizza Costume]

[Chica is Biting The Empty Costume Like a Dog]

Chica: "Eww! This Tastes Like Sweat!

[Chica Spits it Out]


Numbuh 4: "Ha! That Will Teach You That Im Pizza!"

Numbuh 1: I Heard Trouble in GoCity!

Numbuh 1: Kids Next Door! Especially Pingy, Igor, Sophie, Carkle, Mordecai, Sanae Kochiya, and Chica! Battle Stations!

[They Go To The Portal To Save GoCity]

[They Found Out The DCFDTL and IA Closed The Portal To Lead us To GoCity]

Pingy: "Awww Crab Nuggets!"

Igor: "I'm going to Hjiack the story."

[Igor Hijacks the Portal and it's open again]

Igor: "See, i'm unstoppable, because the good guys always win!"

[They Go To GoCity]

Delightful Children From Down The Lane: Oh No! It's Stinky's Stupid Friends! Let's Form Our Slaves into a Giant Robot!

[DCFDTL Forms The Delightfulized Users into a Giant Robot]

Pingy: "This Ain't Good! and Plus I am Not Stinky!"


[Igor uses Fire Storm aganist the Robot.]

[Pingy Gets The Pizza Launcher and Launches Pizzas at The Robot]

[The Pizzas Land On The Robot's Arms]


[Chica Nibbles The Pizza On The Robot's Arms]

Igor: "Even More References to How to make FNAF Not Scary!"

[Igor uses Blue Flare at the Robot.]

[The Delightful Robot Uses Delightfulize Flare Blast on His Mouth]

[Igor Gets Delightfulized]

[However, Sanae Kochiya Slaps Igor, Returning Igor to normal.]

Igor: "Wait, How?"

Sanae Kochiya: "Don't ask!"

[Igor has a idea, He decides to slap BLU Engineer.]

[BLU Engineer builds Sentries aganist the Robot.]

Igor: "Hahaha!"

[Sophie Prepares The Babbleberry Pie Catapult]

Sophie: "I Will Stop This Giant Robot With Babbleberry Pies!"

[The Babbleberry Pie Launches on The Robot's Windshield]

[The Delightful Robot Uses Delightfulize on Sophie]

[Sophie Gets Delightfulized]

Sophie [Delightfulized]: You Will Obey Delightful Children From Down The Lane!

[Igor slaps Sophie, returning her to normal.]

Igor: "If somebody gets delightfulized, Just slap him or her to return him or her to normal!"

[The GoGang starts charging a attack aganist the Robot.]

[Pingy Drops Sardine on Top of The Robot's Head]

[The Mighty Eagle From Angry Birds Attacks The Robot.]

Numbuh 1: "That's One Big Eagle!"

Numbuh 5: "You Said It!"

Igor: "OUR SPECIAL ATTACK WAS SARDINE? to summon the mighty Eagle?!"

Pingy: "Yeah..."

[The Robot Topples and Falls]

[The Users Came Back to Normal]

[DCFDTL and IA Gets Arrested By KND Territory]

Numbuh 1: "Our Work Here Is Done!"

Numbuh 2: "You Said it Mate"

Numbuh 3: "It Was Super Duper Fun!"

Numbuh 4: "Right Numbuh 3"

Numbuh 5: "What's The Hold Up?! Let's Go Back To The Portal!"

[The KND Goes Back to Their Universe]

Pingy, Mordecai, Igor, Sanae Kochiya, Sophie, Carkle, and Chica: "Bye! We Wish You Good Luck!"

[IA and DCFDTL are at KND Prison]

[They Are Planning To Escape]

DanTDM the Animator: hey Pingy, what's up

Pingy: i'm good

DanTDM the Animator: do you want to hangout with me tomorrow

Pingy: yes DanTDM the Animator

Igor: Pingy, why is DanTDM the Animator here with you

Pingy: he is going on a hangout tomorrow

Igor: ok


Pingy: DanTDM the Animator, wake up

DanTDM the Animator: hello Pingy

Pingy: let's go on a hangout

DanTDM the Animator: ok

[at the restraunt]

Pingy; DanTDM the Animator, this is good food, right

DanTDM the Animator: yes it is

Pingy: I love you

DanTDM the Animator: I love you too

[to be contuned]


  • This Episode Reveals That Pingy Is Not Good at Singing.
  • This is The First Episode Where The KND Appears.
  • Father is Absent in This Crossover Special.
  • The Walfas' Create.swf would be later used as the main animation program to GoGang: Walfaized.
  • The IA on this movie is not really IA, but IA (Pingy's Version)
  • Mordecai, Sanae Kochiya, And Chica Are The Only Ones to Not Appear On The Title Card.