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The Grounding Revolution is a film made by James The Animator. It is rated R for violence, swearing, and 


Heroes (Troublemakers)

  • Brian as Warren Cook
  • David/Evil Genius/Zack as Caillou
  • Kalya as Dora

Villains (Grounders)





(We see famous troublemaker Warren Cook being grounded.)

Alan Cook: -and start watching those primetime shows, cartoons, children's shows, films, play video games, and listen to music not made by Disney, or you will be grounded for triple infinity.

(Cut to Warren in the living room watching TV crying)

Warren Cook: It looks like I'm stuck wearing a diaper forever and I have to watch, play and listen to stuff not made by Disney from now on!

TV Announcer: Now stay tuned for the season premiere of The Chase coming up next on ITV!

Warren Cook: WAIT A MINUTE!

(A record scratch is heard.)

Warren Cook: What am I doing? Why am I taking this? I keep getting grounded for invalid reasons! And so do my friends!

(Warren pauses for a moment.)

Warren Cook: That's it! I'm going to do something about this!

(Alan Cook walks up to Warren.)

Alan Cook: Are you watching those shows not made by Disney?

Warren Cook: Yes, my "beloved father".

Alan Cook: Anyway, I'm gonna go mow the lawn. You promise you're gonna watch the non-Disney shows?

Warren Cook: For sure, "good ol' dad".

(Alan gets in Warren's face.)

Alan Cook: Look, you won't make it through a week of this grounding, you little shit.

(Alan storms out.)

Warren Cook: Alright.

(Warren grabs the house phone. He dials a number.)

(Cut to Caillou's room. He hears the phone ring, and picks it up.)

Caillou: Hello?

Warren Cook: Hi, Caillou.

Caillou: Warren, my man! What's going on?

Warren Cook: I got grounded for God knows how long again.

Caillou: I can relate, brother. I'm in the Gulag as well.

Warren Cook: Yeah, man. You have a boring room. Listen, uh, I'm forming a protest group against invalid reasons for grounding. Want to join?

Caillou: What do you think? If I had a dime for every time I got grounded for a good reason, I'd be in poverty.

Warren Cook: Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm gonna call Dora next, OK?

Caillou: Alright. Catch you on the flipside, mate.

Warren Cook: OK. Bye!

Caillou: Goodbye.

(Cut back to Warren's room. Warren hangs up.)

Warren Cook: Man! Caillou has such infectious charisma! What's his secret?

(Warren ponders that for a moment.)

Warren Cook: Well, time to call Dora!

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