Snapshot 1 (26-07-2015 15-30) The Life of Teenagers Title Card (Late Season 1-present) The Life of Teenagers is a 2015 television series made by Gabriel Lowery. The series involves four teenagers on a adventure from GoAnimate High School and from the Republic of GoAnimate. This show was giving a TV-PG-L rating in America and a PG rating in Canada due to scenes of censored swear words and mild scenes of violence. It has been produced at Gabriel Lowery Productions and aired on GoAnimate Network on the 25th of May 2015, [ktmsn@nite] on 5th August 2015 and Adult Swim on the 15th April 2016.


Gabriel Lowery made this show using GoAnimate Videomaker on his Windows 8 computer. He started developing the show in early 2015 and took 2-4 days to make an episode of this show.


Main Characters

  • Click (voiced by Young Guy (Charlie))
  • Trip (voiced by Kidaroo)
  • Terrence (voiced by Steven)
  • Stephen (voiced by Eric)

Recurring Characters

  • Click's Mom (voiced by Amy)
  • Anthone (voiced by Joey)
  • Mrs. Jane (voiced by Elizabeth)

Minor Characters

  • Unknown yet


Season 1

1. Save Trip from Jail

2. The Substitute

3. TBA

4. TBA

5. TBA

6. TBA

Season 2

1. TBA

2. TBA

3. TBA

4. TBA

5. TBA

6. TBA


The Life of Teenagers was held a Guinness World Record for most censored swear words, mild violence and teenaged adventured.

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