The New Super Mario Show is a 2015 CGI series, it is created by Pingy.


  • Orange Otter Network (GoCity)
  • Cartoon Network (US)
  • CITV (UK)
  • Nickelodeon (Australia and UK)
  • Treehouse TV (Canada)
  • BBC Kids (Spain and Mexico)
  • TV Tokyo (Japan)



Season 1

  1. Bowser's Attack, Part 1
  2. Bowser's Attack, Part 2
  3. The Wrong Mushroom
  4. Yoshi's Cookies
  5. Princess Issues
  6. Time Flys
  7. Lazy Luigi
  8. A Koopaling Kaper
  9. Rosalina's Dress Problems
  10. Under Construction

Season 2

  1. Meet the Wario Bros
  2. Mario's Babysitting Problem
  3. Castle Clean Up
  4. Goomba Murder Trial
  5. Koopaling Problems


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