The Perfect Pet is the 8th episode of GoGang Junior.


The nanny says the kids are going to the pet store to get a pet. However, the kids debate over what pet they should have, leading to a catastrophe.


As usual, the kids are playing, until The Nanny comes in and tells them that they're going to go to the pet store to get a pet. Half of the kids (James, Pingy, and Carkle) wants a cat, but another half (Sophie, TGB1, and Igor) wants a dog. This leads to an argument (IA stays out of the argument, and Sophie and James don't put up much of a fight). The Nanny gives the kids 4 hours to convince her to buy one of those pets. So the kids follow The Nanny around and keep pestering her and arguing with each other. Eventually, the kids start fighting and The Nanny sends them home. She takes IA (the one who didn't fight) to choose a pet. While IA and the nanny are gone, the kids reflect on what they've done and wonder what pet IA is gonna get. However, Sophie and James are mad at the others for keeping them from getting a pet. This starts another argument. The kids eventually go back to doing their thing. IA and The Nanny return home with an iguana named Alex. The kids instantly fall for Alex. However, when The Nanny asks them to apologize for arguing, she is ignored. This causes The Nanny to sigh as the episode ends.


[We see the gang playing. Igor is playing with a Super Mario playset with Pingy. Carkle is sharing a toy truck with James. TGB1 is playing with his Thomas the Tank Engine toy, and Sophie is cuddling with her stuffed lamb named "Lamby"]

[The Nanny walks into the room]

The Nanny: "Kids! I have some exciting news for you!"

The Kids: (except James) "What?"

Pingy: "Is it ice cream?"

Sophie: "Or a trip to the zoo?"

Igor: "Maybe new video games!"

The Nanny: "Nope! We're gonna go to the pet store to buy a new pet!"

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