This Base Off a FNAF 2 Charater Who Scares Me to Death Here the Link To Him Or Her (Mostly him)


The Puppet Scares Cherry and Happy But he gets grounded and he gets punishments like slapping, spanking, getting a diaper on, and getting beaten up by Jane The Killer.

Cast Edit

Princess As Happy The happy Birthday clown

Ivy As Cherry

Tween girl As Toy Bonnie

Kayla as Toy Chica and

Duncan as Toy Freddy

Diesel as Toy Foxy AKA Mangle

Scary Voice as The Puppet

Young guy Or Ivy As BB (Balloon Boy)

Jennifer as Jane The Killer

Transcript Edit

The Puppet: Man I Hate Happy and Cherry! Wait a Minute, I can Scare Them... Here they come...

(Happy And Cherry Were Walking)

The Puppet: *Use The FNAF 2 Screech*

(Cherry started to cry And Happy Was Mad)

Happy: Oh My God, The Puppet!!! How dare You Scare Me and Cherry! That's It! I'm Calling Toy Freddy!

The Puppet: No(23x)! *He Runs*

Happy: Hello Toy Freddy, Did you know what The Puppet Has done? He scared me and cherry! Can you ground him? Thank you.

Toy Freddy: Oh my god, How dare you scared Happy And Cherry! They're my friends! You're grounded for weeks!

Toy Chica: And for that, we will Give you Punishments. First is Slapping!

(They slapped him in the face 10 times)

The Puppet: Ow! Stop please I am sorry!!!

Toy Bonnie: Second one is Spankings!

(They Spanked him)

The Puppet: I am so sorry! Just stop!!!

Toy Foxy Or Mangle: Third one is Putting a Diaper on you! 

(He puts a diaper on him)

The Puppet: I don't want a diaper, remove it!

BB (Balloon Boy): Fourth and final One Is... Letting Someone to Beat you up i'll give clue about the girl: Has Black Hair and Eyes, White Skin from Liquid Hate Wears a black dress has black Lipstick. She is similar to Jeff the Killer and is a Lesbian.

The Puppet: No(24x) Is it Jane the Killer?! Please, don't let in Jane the Killer!

(Jane Ran to The Puppet and Beats Him up)

The Puppet: (Cries) I'm sorry!

Jane The Killer: Too Bad! That's what you get for scaring Happy and cherry Now go to your box!!!

The Puppet: No(x30)

(The Puppet Runs to his Box)

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