The Rare-gap opening hat is a Halloween Special by Igor the Mii.



It starts near the GoGang HQ, you can see Igor putting Clownpiece's hat on, which causes Igor to call himself "Igorpiece", before deciding to take off the hat and put Yukari's hat on, which causes Igor to open Gaps (Portals) to other parts of GoCity, he decides to lure Luka Megruine in with the Gaps, dropping Luka next to Igor.

Luka asks how Igor did that, and Igor explains how he did that.

Chapter 1 out of 5

Yukari Yakumo realizes that she lost her hat, and starts asking GoCity's Citzens if they have found it, the Majority runs away in Panic.

Yandere-chan and Mima (The Movie's two antagonists) notice Yukari trying to reclaim her hat, and the two try to Invade the GoGang HQ for the Hat, but are stopped by Senpai and Sanae.


First appeared on Prolouge

First appeared on Chapter 1



  • [We see the Title Card.]
  • [After that, cut to GoCity, we see serveral shots of the city during nighttime.]
  • [Cut to GoGang HQ.]
  • [[[Igor the Mii|Igor]] looks at Hat box]
  • Igor: [As he puts Clownpiece 's hat on] "This hat might be fitting."
  • [Igor chuckles for 1 secound]
  • Igor: "I'm Igorpiece. No, wait! My real name is Igor."
  • [Igor takes off Clownpiece's hat.]
  • [He looks at the Hat box again, he finds Yukari's hat.]
  • Igor: "Uh, never noticed this Hat here."
  • [He puts it on.]
  • [Igor gets a small shock.]
  • Igor: "Uh?!"
  • [Igor looks at his hand, he proceeds to try touching the roof, a purple gap opens trough the roof and Igor ends up luring Luka trough the gap. the gap dissappeared.]
  • Igor: "WHAT?!"
  • Luka: "Owwww...What happened?
  • Igor: "This Hat permitted me to open gaps, just like Yukari."
  • Luka: "Oh?"
  • Igor: "Trust me, look what i can do."
  • [Igor opens a Purple gap on the wall, Kaito comes out of it. the Gap closes again.]
  • Kaito: "What just happened?!"
  • Igor: "Should i really explain? I opened a purple gap, you came out of it, and the gap closed."
  • Kaito: "Are you implying you're copying Yukari Yakumo's Ablities?"
  • Igor: "Yeah..."
  • Kaito: "Is that even possible?!"
  • Igor: "Probably."
  • Luka: "But you're doing it!"
  • Igor: "True."
  • [Igor opens a gap to another room, he enters the gap and comes out of another gap, both gaps close.]
  • Igor: "Something i can do."
  • Sophie: "Hey Igor! Nice hat!"
  • Igor: "Thanks! And this isn't a regular hat, it's a magical hat!"

Chapter 1

  • [Cut to Yukari Yakumo.]
  • Yukari: "Hahaha, that was fun!"
  • [Yukari looks around, and realizes she lost her hat]
  • Yukari: "Oh my god! I lost my hat!"
  • [Yukari walks towards a GoCity Citzen.]
  • Yukari: "Have you seen my hat anywhere?"
  • GoCity Citzen: "OH NO, IT'S YUKARI!"
  • [The Citzen runs away.]
  • Yukari: "...Mother of Gensokyo..."
  • [Cut to GoGang HQ.]
  • [Igor looks around]
  • Igor: "What..."



  • This is mildly based around the concept/confusion that the superheroes' outfit give them their powers.
  • This Special reveals that Yukari Yakumo is an Anti-hero in the GoAnimate Realm.

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