[Pingy and Igor Presents...]

[The Title for the Movie appears]

[Shulk and Marth are on Coffee Break]

Shulk: "Coffee Break is fun right Marth?"

Marth: "Sure is!"

[Meanwhile in GoCity...]

Igor: "Info-Chan, Miku, I believe we're going to the Smash Universe."

Info-Chan: "OK!"

[Of all of sudden, Master Hand and Crazy Hand grab them and send them at Smash Universe, they Land close to Marth and Shulk.]

Igor: "Ow."

Pingy: "Am I having a headache?"

Igor: "No?"

Pingy: "We're on Coffee Break?"

Shulk: "No, Only Me and Marth."

[Meanwhile at The Bikini Bottom...]

Spongebob: "Hey Patrick! What is that?" [Points at Master Hand and Crazy Hand]

Patrick: "Strange White Hands?"

[The Hands Grab Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy and Mr. Krabs and drop them close to Shulk and Marth.]

Igor: "Somebody else got dropped here!"

[But Suddenly Crazy Hand is Accidentally Squeezing Squidward]

[Crazy Hand Lets go of Squidward]

Igor: "Gag of the Day: Squidward gets hurt."

[Miku Nods]

Miku: "I hope Mima and Yandere-Chan don't appear."

Squidward: "Man! I Cannot Breath Being Smushed By That Crazy Hand!"

[Mr. Krabs Sees Super Mario Coins]

Mr. Krabs: "MONEY!!!"

Igor: "Gag 2: MONEY!!!!"

[Mr. Krabs gets the Coins]

[But Suddenly...]

[Wario Appears to Get the Coins]

Wario: "Hey! Cheapskate! Those Coins are Mine!"

Mr. Krabs: "Who You Callin Cheapskate Fatso?!"

[They Fight]

Igor: "Any Minute Now..."

[At Akademi High School]

Yandere-Chan: "I Will Confess my love to Senpai!"

[But Suddenly...]

[Master Hand Flings Yandere-Chan to Master Hand and Crazy Hand's Evil Lair]

Yandere-Chan: "Where am I?"

[Plankton, Baikinman, and Mima appears too]

Plankton: "Yeah Japanese Girl! Where Are We?!"

[Master Hands pulls a sign reading "We have to defeat the heroes."]

Yandere-Chan: "I agree with that."

Mima: "Same Here! That Jerk Mii must die!"

[They Laugh Evilly]

[Meanwhile at The Smash Bros Universe]

Igor: "WakaWakaWakaWakaWaka."

[Pac-man appears]

Igor: "Ayoo Pac-Man!" [Tosses Chocolate in the air]

[Pac-Man Catches The Chocolate with his Mouth]

[Meanwhile at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.....]

Freddy: "Hang on..."

[The Hands grab the Animatronics and drop them at Smash Bros Universe.]

Igor: "Miku, Do you know what's going on?"

Miku: "No..."

[Meanwhile at the Evil Lair...]

Plankton: "So Evil Hands, What do we do Now?!"

Mima: "Kidnap Sanae!"

Yandere-chan: "Get Senpai!"


Baikinman: "Or Destroy Their Own Universe!"

[Master Hand holds up a sign that says "That's a Great Idea!"]

[They Laugh Evilly]

[Cut back to the heroes]

[Senpai lands close to the heroes]

Igor: "Hiya senpai!"

Pingy: "Did Master Hand and Crazy Hand Got you too?"

Sophie: "Yeah?"

James: "They did catch me too."

Igor: "Hi James."

Mario: "Master Hand and Crazy Hand Kept Grabbing Numerous Characters!"

James: "I know that!"

Igor: "UGH..."

James: "Ok, How?"

Igor: "I don't even know."

[Zero Suit Samus/Samus Aran appears]

Igor: "Ayoo, Samus!"

Samus: "Hi."

[Igor Does a Backflip, Suprising Samus.]

Igor: "I can also do Backflips!"

Pingy: "And I can do Backflips too!"

[Pingy fails to do a Backflip]

[Igor laughs like Yandere-Chan]


Miku: "You're okay?"

[The Toy Animatronics Appear]

Toy Freddy: "Yo Pingy Old Buddy!"

Toy Bonnie: "Where have you been?"

Igor: "Pingy's fine, but he failed to do a backflip."

[Everybody Laughs]

Toy Chica: "That's Funny!"

Luigi: "Well Mario That Penguin has a Sense of Humor!"

[Meanwhile at the Evil Lair Again]

Springtrap: "What Should We Do?"

Yandere-Chan: "Make Senpai love me!"

[Everybody Sighes]

Yandere-Chan: "What?"


Golden Freddy: "Yeah!!!"

Yandere-Chan: "Or, we can kill the heroes."

Baikinman: "Great Idea! We Can Destroy and Kill the Heroes!"

[Cuts to the Heroes]

Igor: "Senpai, to be honest, how you feel towards Yandere-chan?" [Chuckles]

Senpai: "Well she creeps me!"

Igor: "I know the truth about her."

Senpai: "Huh?"


Senpai: "Isn't that bad news?"

Toy Bonnie: "Yeah is it Mr. Senpai?"

Mangle: "I Think that's Bad News"

Toy Chica: "Well I guess im in love with Senpai!"

Senpai: "Uhhh, i'm ok Women Chicken!"

[Senpai blushes]

Igor: "Toy Bonnie is gonna be Jealous."

Toy Chica: "I will marry you from that Yandere-Chan girl!"

[Toy Chica is chasing Senpai]


Pingy: "Igor, and if you guys laugh at me one more time I'm gonna bust your heads open!!"

Igor: "Ok Ok!!!"

[Patrick thinks Toy Chica's Cupcake is a real Cupcake]

[Patrick munches on it]

Peanut: "I think we should do the noodle dance to get back to our universe"

Yoshi: "Yoshi!!!"

Wario: "Oh no not the stupid noodle dance"

Bonnie: "I ain't dancing"

[Everyone except Wario and Bonnie does the noodle dance]

[A lightbulb appears on top of Mario's head]

Mario: "I got it!"

[Master Hand and Crazy Hand appear, and they throw Rin Kagamine and Clownpiece towards the heroes]

Mario: "Mama Mia!"

Patrick: "Well at least i can lick this Yellow ball of Ice Cream next to me!"

[Patrick licks Pac-Man]

[Igor tries to not laugh]

Clownpiece: "Igor?"

[Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs and Wario are still fighting for the money]

Mr. Krabs: "When i get that money out of your hands! then ill bust your butt!"

Wario: "Cheapskate! I'll do that!"

Mr. Krabs: "Nobody calls me cheapskate!"

[Meanwhile at Aberdale...]

Clarence: "Guys! Let's go and have a better life!"

[Master Hand and Crazy Hand grabs Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo]

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