The Team Strike
The Team Strike (2)

The Team Strike are the characters created by Mike UTTP. They always Plan to kill some Good Users, and AGK Makers when they found a videos out of Bad Users.

They Kill Taylor JoliCoeur VGCP and Eric (Taylor JoliCoeur VGCP's Husband) at Afternoon because she makes videos out of Bad Users. They Also Killed SilverTheHedgehog99swell when they find out about he make videos out of Chris UTTP and Lucas UTTP.

However there is a possibility that they will kill Tina Hyacinth Sullivan O'Neil in Tina-Diesel Detention Center..


PowerJohn25 UTTP


Macusoper Busters

Likes: Bangsters Army, Stephanie Gavin, Warren Cook, Grand Chase Characters, UTTP, Bad Users, SuperMaroZaki, Zara Dawson, Caillou, Dora Marquez, Barney, Bad People, Kaos, Skylanders Villains, Crossy Road Sucks, Thumbelina, Earthbound, Ness, Louiecomedian 2015VGCP, Caleb The Animator

Neutral with: Chris UTTP, Lucas UTTP, and Michael UTTP

Dislikes: Tina Sullivan O'Neil (Tina Diesel Detention Center), Erika Dawson, Annabelle Dawson, LouieLouie95, Paul C, Taylor JoliCoeur VGCP, ProjectCarsYes DoraNo VGCP, Cansin13, Atarster, Videoman1443, TheKewlOne96, Pauladrian360, VGCP, Good Users, Good People, AngryGermanKid82, Skyler Hawkins, AGKandvideomaker2000, WrathriumXFears (KillerNinja65), AGK Makers, CP SkyYes GCNo (Pandastation3 SkylandersYes GrandChaseNo), Trap Team Force characters, Skylanders Heroes including Snapshot, Porky (Earthbound)

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