The root of the old GoAnimate Wiki is a GoAnimate Movie by Igor to celebrate the 1st birthday of the GoAnimate Extended Wiki.


Chapter 1

On June 2014, Jamiem, James, and Robbie found the V2 Wiki, and a few users, inculding Igor, move to that wiki. he creates a page named Gligar13Vids Reviews Mario Kart 8 and gets Grounded.

Chapter 2

On July 2014, Igor finally turns 13, Sophie does a birthday video to Him. Meanwhile, More people join the Wiki.

It's Revealed Igor's Waifu is Shauna.

Chapter 3

On Augest 2014, Mecha Obito (Known as INTELLGIENTATHEIST) joins the wiki, terefore some people trust him.

Chapter 4

While everything is well, SanicLLeo (Known as SanicGee) vandalizes the wiki and puts porn pictures on, but he is soon blocked by the Admins. Thus the Events of SanicLLeo gets Grounded Occur.

Chapter 5

While Everyone is creating a halloween Video, Carkle the Animatronic Joins the Wiki.



Debuted on Chapter 1

Young Guy as Jamiem2001 and James

Paul as Igor

Kayla as Sophie

? as Robbie

Young Guy as CodPlayerRussia


Chapter 1

[Cut to the GoAnimate V1 Wiki.]

Jamiem: "This Wiki is a giant Mess! We need to move somewhere else!"

James: "I Couldn't Agree less, We need to move!"

Robbie: "Yeah!"

[Soon, they found the GoAnimate V2 Wiki.]

Jamiem: "This Wiki i just made is perfect!"

James: "Yeah, it is!"

[Soon, Sophie moves to the V2 Wiki.]

Sophie: "Hey!"

James: "Hey Sophie!"

Jamiem: "You wanna admin?"

Sophie: "Sure!"

[Jamiem gives Sophie Admin]

Sophie: "Thanks!"

[Igor is the Next to move to the wiki.]

Igor: "What is this place? GoAnimate V2 Wiki?"

Jamiem: "Yeah!"

Igor: "This seems a good place, let me introuce myself. I am Igor the Mii."

Jamiem: "I'm Jamiem."


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