This is a grounded video made by DreamworksFan1997 and Igor the Mii.


Kayla as Thumbelina, Sophie, Alice (Touhou) and Shauna

Kimberly as Sanae

Jennifer as Renko

Paul as Igor the Mii

Eric as John and Carkle

Kidaroo as Woody Woodpecker

Brian as Dreamworksfan1997


Thumbelina tries Murdering Renko and Sanae from Touhou, and she gets grounded for that.

Transcript (Igor will start than Empire Looney)

Thumbelina: I'll Murder Renko and Sanae, Because i hate Touhou!

[Thumbelina runs off her House.]

Thumbelina: There you two are!

Renko: Oh Uh!

Sanae: We're on danger!

[Thumbelina put out a chainsaw]

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