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ATigerMario2002: or Bugs Bunny, sometimes known as GoAnimateFan2002 or TheGoAnimateDude2013, is an GoAnimate video maker who makes lots of unique voices for his characters in his videos. In real life, he is African-American. He was mistaken by Oliverwestern and Igor The Mii for a bad user One time.

Personal Info

He is known to be the GoAnimate version of the famous Mel Blanc who voices characters in Looney Tunes. As well as original voices he made, he can also impersonate the voices of Barney Rubble, Bugs Bunny (hence his username), Little Jacob, Eric Smith and Eric Nagler, Toad, Peach, Mario, Yogi Bear, among others. Other than voice acting, his videos are remixed and cleaned up versions of other users videos removing and adding footage and cleans them up like a all new bedroom.

GoAnimate Grounding Series

He created videos such as Calliou Gets Grounded, Dora gets Grounded (currently on hiatus), Warren Cook gets Grounded, among others. He has also created some short films based on his grounded videos. In his Calliou grounding series, it's rated TV-14. Also, he voices Calliou, although sometimes Calliou is voiced by Eric, Ivy, Young Guy, or David. In episode 10, it's revealed that Calliou dates Dora and both people's parents don't know they are dating.

Voice Acting

Not only is he for GoAnimate, he is for voice acting. In the Calliou Gets Grounded series, he voices Leo, Calliou, Rosie, Calliou's Dad, The Principal, The Gym Teacher, Newsrepotor, Gilbert, Grandaddy, and Eric. He also voiced Mario and Luigi in GoAnimate Againest Drugs as well as Bugs Bunny, Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, and other various characters. He also voiced The Road Runner in his roadrunner cartoons the meep meep sound to be exact. Not only he could impersonate voices made by other people, he can also do original voices. He voiced Little Jacob the III in his various grounded videos.

Tokei Inc

He is the current president of Tokei Inc. It was founded in 1920 as Toreorore Animations Cartoons. They changed their name to the current name in 1969. The original president, Tokejanhiki Kingjong, sadly had died from cancer in 1995.

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