Created by Igor


Some Touhou and TPP Characters Have Arrived to GoCity.


Paul as Igor and Brian the Pidgeot (TPP Crystal)

Brian as AJ (from TPP Crystal)

Eric as John, Carkle, Burrito the Espeon (from TPP Crystal)

Kimberly as (Lady) Sanae Kochiya and Peanut Otter

Kayla as Satori/Chauzu, Jelly Otter and Sophie

Tween Girl as Cirno/BB/Balloon Baka

Julie as Maribel Hearns/Amber and Marisa Kirisame

Jeniffer as Renko/Touhoumon Green and Mima

Young Guy as Pingy and Electric Jesus the Zapdos (From TPP Red)

Princess as Baeaporeon (Moe Vaporeon from TPP Moemon), Nitori and Butterbae (Moe Butterfree from TPP Moemon)

Kate as Miss T the Moe Pidgeot (from TPP Moemon) and Effie the Moe Charizard (From TPP Moemon)

Scary Voice as Lord Helix the Omastar (from TPP Red) and Lord Dome the Kabuto (From TPP Aniversary Red)


[Cut to a plane.]

[We see some TPP Characters and Touhou Characters.]

AJ: "Are you sure GoCity is where we're going next?"

Lord Helix: "Yep!"


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