"Trolls will be arrested and detained!"
—The UTTP, planning to arrest you

The UTubeTrollPolice (UTTP) is an extremely evil canadian organization of unruly users, they used to often play pranks on people. Luckily, some of the users have been sensible enough to ignore them, but a few users were so deeply offended, they went as far as creating groups such as the VGCP, TPNG, TEIT, KKTK, UTBP, TPTS and OWN, whose joint mission is to terminate the UTTP members. It's headquarters is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Since 2016, a new leader (OfficerAPC, who previously joined the UtubeTrollPoliceTeam on June 1, 2014 due to GCAEC's shutdown resulting from The Amazing Race All-Stars Scandal) joined the new and improved UTTP, causing the UTTP ceased to be immature, and causing immature UTTP members to be automatically kicked out and banned from the UTTP.

Fandom fight

On May 19th of 2015, the UTTP had threatened to take down the FNAF Fandom, despite not being on YouTube. The Fandom did not take this threat lightly and thus, a flame war began. This incident also confirms that the UTTP no longer considers the VGCP their main arch-rivals, and plan on spreading their poisonous views outside YouTube.

Cease of nazi-like behavior

After OfficerAPC and PurpleHelmetAvenger (and everyone at the POE) bought the UTTP, all nazi things stopped. However, things got worse when the ADL acquired the VGCP, and turned the VGCP into a nazi-fandom group.

Notable UTTP members

  • OfficerAPC
  • PurpleHelmetAvenger
  • Lotsoflogos
  • CoolWarrior600 UTTP TPNG AVGCP
  • Thestudioghiblifan01
  • Isaac TV
  • (Member of UTTP) Roblox Suck
  • BlooddropRocks UTTP AEDCP
  • The Internet Ranter/TIR
  • Clorax Bleach UTTP
  • ZurgRants
  • DetectiveCarnevil aka ReturnOfCarnevil
  • Clyde UTTP
  • UltraStrongSlappy
  • Br0nyHunt3r2018

Former UTTP members

  • Tommy Parky (Member of the UTTP from 2010 until 2016; Reason: Automatically Banned from the UTTP due to a new leader taking over the UTTP)
  • Richard Sherman (Member of the UTTP from 2013/14??? until 2016; Reason: After he was caught by the police, He left the UTTP shortly afterwords)
  • Officer Ronald UTTP (Member of the UTTP from ???? until 2016; Reason: Automatically Banned from the UTTP due to a new leader taking over the UTTP)
  • Officer David Duke (Member of the UTTP from 2014 until 2014; Reason: Unknown)
  • Evil EthanBrucetheAnimator183
  • PawzFan UTTP (Member of the UTTP from 2016 until 2017; Reason: She became a meme animator, and moved to calculus)