Ultima Weapon of Kanata Izumi

Spell Type

Varies, depends on user's hair color

  • Blue gives Water
  • Green gives Grass
  • Orange gives Fire
  • Blonde gives Electric
  • Purple gives Poison
  • Red gives Fighting
  • Brown gives Ground
  • Black gives Dark
  • Pink gives Fairy

MP Required


Move Power


"Be careful Konata, that spell demands a heavy price. Hair sacrifice is required to power this spell's awesome power, enhancing it in several different ways."
—Meito Anizawa, warning Konata about it

The Ultima Weapon of Kanata Izumi is a spell created by Susumu Takajima after Kanata Izumi, Konata's mother, was killed by Keel Sark. When used, the spell sacrifices the user's hair all the way to their neck, giving the spell an amazing power that can kill an enemy. In the Drillimation games, the spell only sacrifices half the user's HP.


In the anime

The spell first appeared in the Magical Girl Team Lucky Star episode Ring Drill (an episode from season 3) with Konata picking it up, with Meito warning Konata about using the spell.

In the games

In the Drillimation games, the user's HP is sacrificed in half, enhancing the spell depending on the user's hair. After being used, the spell requires a recharge turn before being used again.

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