Undertale: GoAnimate Community Edition is a mod for Undertale released on November 6th, 2015. It takes place in an alternate universe where characters from the GoAnimate universe are in the spots of the Undertale characters.


In an alternate universe, Flash users and GoAnimators have been at war for years. Flash users sent the GoAnimators into the Underanimate, which was sealed with a barrier.


  • Frisk is a normal flash user that descends into the Underanimate after climbing up a mountain.
  • Oliver (Flowey)
  • Sophie (Toriel) is an orange otter who acts as a tutorial to Frisk.
  • KK (Papyrus) is a person who sets up puzzles for Frisk.
  • Chrome (Sans) is a lazy Snivy who has some form of powers.
  • James (Undyne) is an angry person who is the captain of the Royal Guard, set on killing any human who comes.
  • Igor (Alphys) is an otaku who likes anime. He acts as a friend toward the player.
  • Driller (Asgore)
  • Pingy (Mettaton)
  • Novazoid (Chara)
  • XRKSVIH ARG (W. D. Gaster)
  • Chaossy (Grillby)
  • DS Motors (Lesser Dog)
  • Rave (Greater Dog)
  • Alvin Hung (Annoying Dog)
  • GoAnimate Site Moderator (Doggo)
  • GoAnimate Site Coders (Dogamy & Dogaressa)
  • GoAnimate HQ Janitor (Endogeny)
  • GoAnimate Customer Service (Reaper Bird)
  • GoAnimate Site Administrator (Snowy's Mother)
  • GoAnimate Businesswoman (Lemon Bread)
  • GoAnimate Lawyer 1 and 2 (Royal Guards 1 and 2)
  • Dr3amyDr3amyImm0rta1 (Muffet)
  • Mixingitall (Napstablook)
  • Dog keng (Temmie)
  • KLM (Shyren)
  • IA/Onion Senpai (Burgerpants)
  • Warren Cook (Jerry)

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