Chrome was sitting in a bed with tablet in hand, wasting his life by the second. Doing nothing preductive, he decides to go on the V3 wiki. Closing DeviantArt, the butthurt SJWs and like 27 Pokémon fanfic tabs, he types in with his sweaty, fingerprinted fingers "".


A quick flash of light directs his way over to the notifications bar. He has one. He checks it, and it's from an angry Pingy who sends a video of Mario punching Belson in MS Paint as Peach runs frantically in the background trying to find her purse. As Chrome didn't care, he looked away from the message and went to the WikiActivity. Oliver is planning to hack the wiki with Boyned, and Igor is spamming everything with Touhou.

"Oh dundercrud", Chrome says to himself, "HEART ON STICK MUST D I E" he yells triumphantly. He reverts all the spam and reports Oliver to Staff, who are tired of GoAnimate and establish a wikiwide ban on it. And that, my friends, is how Chrome screwed up.

But he didn't care and went back to those 27 Pokémon fanfics.

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