Phifedawg just spammed pages from A to Z. Thanks a lot, Igor.

Originally, it was Igor's plan to try and globally block Phifedawg by pretending to act all good cop on him, but since he already knows about it it didn't work. Now as a result of Igor's genius plan everything was spammed. You'd need Wikia Staff to undo this, but they don't care anymore. How are you gonna get out of this one, Igor? What excuse do you have now? Making Phifedawg an administrator and bureaucrat is the dumbest thing ever. He's a vandal who's only intent is to wreck everything you make, and he just did that a few moments ago. This is why I made the new wiki, because stuff like this is happening all the time. Move there, and it will be fair.

I'm tired of Igor doing things that later lead to destruction. If we all make the effort to move, we can make a better place. Igor is not capable of running a wiki, let alone an entire community. Even when given the chance to improve, he didn't look the part. I'm sorry.

UPDATE 8/25/2015

I've had a change of mindset recently.

Igor only made Phifedawg an administrator to go according to his plan which, if succeeded, would globally block him (Phifedawg). I was also wrong when I said Phifedawg was a bureaucrat, in which case he was not.

So basically we're giving Igor one more chance to improve.

The new wiki will only be used in case of emergencies, such as a vandal destroying everything here. The link is here in case one of those emergencies happens.

IA is also mad at Igor, Sophie, DS Motors and me for agreeing with each-other that he should revoke his bureaucrat, which he should. Sorry, IA.

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