I am now the creator of the new project formerly known as "Revised!Animate", "Blue" and "BlueAnimate", which will soon replace GoAnimate with a better community and format. We still have a long way to go with this, as I haven't even begun coding it yet and there's no way to connect online with it given the slight limitations of my software (such as no save capabilities, no online capabilities and no TTS). This is why I'd have to wait for those features to be added, while still making the software with the current features while that happens.

The new animation software is called Simplex, and will be released in hopefully a few months.

Oh yeah, and I need a logo. That's why instead of being useful and making it, I'm gonna be lazy and ask you.


  • Not that small, not that big. Somewhere between 500px, 500px.
  • There must be a big blue triangle as the logo along with the words "SIMPLEX" in all caps and bold, no italics.

The winner will recieve a place in the credits along with an animation made with them being the director.

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