Cloud Cookie was a former bad user who attempted to attack Drillimation! When I DMCA'd an Instagram post he made, I sent him the following email:

Hello Cloud and Rockstar Cookie,
We wish to inform you that the Instagram posts in question infringe Drillimation's copyrights. As the owner of the copyright in these doujin franchises: Mr. Driller, Lucky Star, and Angry German Kid, Drillimation has the exclusive right to perform the games/anime publicly or to make derivative works based on the games/anime. By making a derivative work using Drillimation's content, and then displaying our content on your Instagram accounts, you have violated Drillimation's exclusive rights.
We understand that our fans are the reason for our popularity, and we are always happy to see people share their passion for Drillimation's games/anime. At the same time, Drillimation's intellectual property constitutes its most valuable assets, and the unauthorized use of these assets jeopardizes Drillimation's rights. Because of this, we ask that you please remove the post in question from your Instagram account, and confirm that you will not post any photos/videos using unauthorized software or copies of games/anime, distribute or continue work on the modification, or take any other steps that would infringe Drillimation's rights.
Please refrain from uploading infringing photos/videos based on our games/anime, and delete any posts you do not have the rights to. If this continues we will take legal action on you, which can result in having your IP address reported to local authorities, resulting in a fine. If you think this was a mistake, you may discuss the issue with us.
Thank you for your understanding.
Susumu Takajima from Drillimation

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