Since September 6, 2014, GoAnimate has gone way too far rather than going away from personal and friendly form to nasty-like form consumed to businesses, both, as GoAnimate would say in an example blog post, "small" and "big" ones.

All of us were f***ed up since that decision to move up to buisness only was nasty and way too powerful to make GoAnimate turn into a company which likes greed, with the greed transforming so much that all subscriptions cost high and you wouldn't likely use GoAnimate the way we all like and support.

The goal of the GAWC, is not only helping wikis in vandalism, but it's also to protect GoAnimate from greed. We hope that the GAWC and RGPA (the act I founded to bring GoPlus and GoAnimate we all like, know and use) will successfully merge into a fully founded company which will also be the governing company of the RevisedAnimate!, a clone of GoAnimate, which I will call it Animo from now on.

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