Killing out people's boredoms since December 5, 2015.
ISSUE 2. 8.12.2015.

Welcome to the second issue. Below is what is believed to be the first issue.

Welcome to our second issue of The People. Here, we are to make up for GoAnimate Community News, which was said to be on hiatus. Anyways, welcome!

Top Admin of the Day

The Top Admin of the Day is Igor the Mii! He is the one who started this wiki, associated Touhou and Yandere Simulator with the community, and even did an AMAZEMENT!

Our Top 5 Favorite GoAnimateLand Areas

1. Mametchi's GotchiWorld

2. Guyish Central

3. Drillimation Central

4. Pac-Land

5. The Underground

Gamegotchi News

Gamegotchi has been working on a game called GoGang: The Toothache. It was made using RPG Maker MV, and we plan on releasing it soon. iOS devices may have trouble downloading the game for mobile, but Android should do just fine.


I would like to say that I would like to thank everybody for reading this issue of The People. Have a nice day!

Love, Mametchi

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