This is all my brother Kaworu Sakurada's fault. I will explain all of this:

My brother wanting to be a manga artist:

Last year, my brother decided he wanted be a manga artist until he dies. After realizing Japan's anime and manga industry do not let people who are not Japanese into their industry. Which made my brother have an attack on DeviantArt because he could not draw anime and manga anymore. He tried to make a hate club against Western cartoons. That failed leading to him having to accept a forever ban on DeviantArt.

Me on Goanimate:

My brother was really angry, he wanted to wipe out all westerns cartoons, starting with us, then the westerns cartoons for babies, then so on. I was a normal person who makes grounded videos out of parents for child abuse. me and kaworu sakurada saw grounded videos out of anime character Shinji Ikari, we got really mad. We wanted to make grounded videos out of Phifedawg.

My brother get banned from Goanimate V2 Wiki:

My brother created the Adolf Hitler page on Goanimate Extended Wiki. Then he got banned for life.

My brothers trolling on Roblox:

My brother has been trolling people on Roblox on the forums, he kept saying "Anime Rules Westerns cartoons sucks!" He made rumors about western cartoons being cash cows, supporters of islamic terror group and supporting north korea.

Dr3amyDr3amyImm0rta1's betrayal against me:

After DDI608 found out I disrespected opinions, she made a video of Grounding Sakura Loopsy. She also made a video called "MARIOLEOPOLDSAM YOU DUMBSH*T". And she made a video of killing Kaworu Sakurada and MarioLeopoldSam and also made a video MarioLeopoldSam getting grounded for disrespecting opinions. After DDI608 betrayed me, on her Odd Dela Robia rant, I commented this: "Code Lyoko does not rip off anime shows, YOU DO". This made me get into Code Lyoko. And DDI608 told me to start respecting opinions and yet she said start hating Code Lyoko right now!

Work In Progress, more to come.

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