Wikia Fan, how dare you watch Mordecai Animatronic/A truth about IA!

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Guys. I have a truth about him. He is the one who hate everyone for no reason. He is stupid ass moron who always claim that he doing something that he told them truth (which is fucking not to). Also this is why IA is acting retarded now.

Here reason:

1. He cannot respect everyone opinion.

2. He faps UTTP.

3. He eat shit meal for lunch.

4. Hating on me for no retarded reason.

5. Banned me on chat in GoAnimate v2.

6. Revoke my admins.

7. He hate my favorite shows for no reason.

8. He throwing tantrum like 3 years old.

9. He have lowlife like 4chan (when they was bad user)

10. He love spamming and vandalism.

Some add here.

Plus, he have no life. And his grammar is shit enough and he even I have sockpuppet account (which was not to) and bullshit story. What you think, IA's hater?

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