I was sitting in my room, listening to some music, a man started screaming, I heard several gunshots after that, I looked out of the window, I didn't see anyone, I continued with my activity, 3 minutes later, someone shoots my window.

I ran towards my closet, but the assailant shot at the window again, the bullet broke the window and went through my chest, it didn't hit any vital organs.

I tried to call the emergency services, but my phone was dead, I waited for my dad to come home, he came home 7 minutes later.


He called an ambulance immediately, an ambulance arrived ten minutes later, in the mean time I covered my wound with a towel.

The ambulance took me to the hospital, it was a relatively minor wound, they fixed it in 35 minutes

They wanted to keep my in the hospital until the next day, so I just layed on a hospital bed,

I saw 3 dead people, all of them were burned, a few minutes later, the hospital was flooded with severely burnt people.

About 1 hour later, two men with guns broke into the hospital, I was still in my bed, so I only heard what happened.

A few seconds later, a man said "DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR"

Then, I heard what sounded like a machine gun.

The man said "he's dead"

However, another man said "THE OTHER MAN'S ALIVE"

a man with an Arabic accent responded with "FOR ALLAH"

I then heard a gargling noise

The other men started saying "DONT SWALLOW THAT"

I waited for 2 minutes, and I heard nothing

I got out of my bed to see what happened

I saw two police officers standing over two dead men, one had several gun shots on his chest and head

The other was close to the door and had foam around his mouth

They had the ISIS logo on their clothes

I asked the officers about what just happened

Apparently, ISIS members bombed a supermarket

Then they started shooting "infidels"

It all made sense

The hospital staff started transferring people to a different hospital

I was one of the last ones to be taken there

since most of the people there were in critical condition

I kept hearing a lot of flat lines

A lot of people were moaning

A lot of severely burnt people were waiting, most of the emergency rooms were occupied

There were several officers outside of the hospital, they were armed with assault rifles, they werent gonna take any chances

The doctors said I needed to go home

the officers took me home

they started baring the windows

I turned on the TV

This attack was all over the news

and, the prime minister was dead...

To be continued, maybe

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