I have developed an idea for a Halloween special inspired by The Gregory Horror Show (I just finished watching its 1st volume!) for the House of GoGang TV series. It's called Haunted House of GhoulGang. 


When the heroes witness the NoGang approaching the House of GoGang (which is only a mile away from them) via a magical plate Sophie has cleaned off with her tongue, the GoGang decides to transform the house into a haunted, mysterious house to trick the villains. They also change into eerie egos that are friendly on the outside, but actually deadly on the inside. For example, Sophie dresses herself up as a beaten up bellhop who would direct anyone to safe rooms, which are in reality traps. While the GoGang may have failed to put the bad guys into the hospital or the graveyard, the NoGang is still traumatized with rotten, horrid thoughts that would trigger nightmares instead of dreams for the rest of their lives.

Now, the special will air on Orange Otter Network's Spooky Sunday marathon block along with Sophie and PB&J's Trick or Treat Beat 2: Monsters Within and the other Halloween specials on October 25th, 2015.


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