• RhysGuy27

    Guess what happen.

    August 9, 2015 by RhysGuy27

    Yesterday when I was cleaning up the kitchen, when I was unload the dishes except few of them, my mom ask me id this clean, then I say yeah it is, and then she say it not clean because I didn't unload them except few of them and think it all dirty. But I say it not dirty, but I was unload them, but she don't fucking listen, she want me do it again and it was about argument, but it not about argument. Then he said to me that not to argue to my parent (I'm really not sure what he said since I forgot what he said), so I redo it, but instead, I have unload them separate where dishes belong, washing it and looking around and not dirty. Later, when I was cooking something when I tell her how and look dishes washer and was unload them, she ask me…

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